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In the Montreal, Québec area, you can choose between hosting our live courses on demand, or attending our ongoing self-defense courses.  Need customized training? Many of our courses can be adapted to your specific requirements.

Specialized Programs are available for Law Enforcement, Security Groups, and Military Organizations.

Free training for active Military, Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue personnel, and Paramedics ? Questions? - Let's talk!

All courses are available in individual courses or as customized bundles.

Des courses en français peut etre fournie sur demande

We wish to remind you that all of our courses are available to private citizens as well as to professionals

Any organization, club, or individual who may be interested in hosting or adding a Fairbairn Protocol course to their current program should contact us at email

All requests will be answered within two weeks from the date of receipt


Theoretical/Classroom Type Courses


Classroom/Theoretical courses are those usually conducted in a classroom setting and provide instruction in subject-specific information such as strategy & tactics, best practices, and anatomical targeting.







Tactical Defense Prior to the Physical Conflict

This variable duration, theoretical classroom course, provides lifesaving instruction in "Situational-awareness". Among the topics addressed in this comprehensive course are thinking with a predator's mind, threat ambush and illegal entry evaluation and prevention, vehicle and pedestrian security, escape and evasion, and carjacking.

Combat Physiology for Targeting, Injury, and Effect

From the perspective of armed and unarmed combat, this rare and highly specialized course, instills a detailed understanding of how to effectively target the human body. This deeper comprehension of target-related issues, fosters an offensive and defensive capability that can be directly exploited by any non-firing or edged/stabbing weapon.


Physical Skill-Based Training Courses - Onsite and Remote-learning


Physical Technique Courses offer live training, and interactive Remote-learning, based in the methods of W.E. Fairbairn. As hands-on physical skills available to both individuals or groups, these courses are intended to be taught in an area conducive to safe physical movement. We also offer corporate training options.






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Overwatch Remote Personal Trainer

Overwatch's Online Trainers personalize your training experience by reviewing video that you upload, and offering detailed clarifications, expert guidance, and pertinent verification of your skill development.

Specialized Corporate Events: Team and Motivation Building, Theme weeks, and Conference Presentations

Fairbairn Protocol's unique methods transfer directly into the Corporate arena. Our instruction focuses on confidence building, situational awareness, effective preparation, dynamic execution, and followup become effective tools of success. Standard costs vary to address the nature of the event.

JAC – Basic Fairbairn Gutter Fighting

Looking for civilian training in Fairbairn's Gutter Fighting in Montreal, Canada? From hands to feet, sticks to knives, strategies to mindsets, self-defense instruction doesn't get any better than this. For professionals, these proven skills can bridge the gap when control & restraint and firearms fail. This is training that can bring you home safe.


FEED THE DOG is Overwatch international's NO INSTRUCTOR FEES TRAINING PROGRAM. In direct response Covid related training restrictions, L.E. defunding, and ever present operational self-protection requirements, Fairbairn Protocol offers "no instructor fee" live on site training. Under our "FEED THE DOG" PROGRAM, all you are responsible for are t

Overwatch International Pro IV Remote-learning

Overwatch International Pro IV Remote-learning modules, are standard Pro I Remote-learning modules, that come with fifteen hours of video review, and have undergone a Client driven, Major Customization in order to meet the needs of a specific Customer.

Fairbairn Based Walking Stick, Cane, and Umbrella Self-defense

Using simple, yet effective, W.E. Fairbairn techniques, this course makes common carry objects such as walking sticks, canes, and umbrellas, a powerful addition to anyone's current self-defense repertoire. As such it is an excellent option for the hiker, physically assisted person, or for any middle-aged plus persons.

Introductions, Evaluations, Reviews, and Type-trials

Available in "Costed" and "Cost-Free" formats, this product allows a qualified client to select a Product Introduction, Evaluation, Review, or a type-trial. Examples of "Cost-Free" on-site events, would be large groups seeking to develop one-time, or long-term training programs, or remote-learning such as "Overwatch International"

Fairbairn Style Dirty Boxing

This Fairbairn "style" self-defense course is ideal for those people seeking a milder form of self-defense. Drawing its primary content from the world of boxing providing instruction in boxing's basic movements, and common punch variations of jabs, straights, hooks, and uppercuts, and then slips directly into the effective dirty methods associated with the sport.

C.A.R.s and F.A.A. level Passenger Restraint and Self-defense Training for Commercial Aviation Flight and Cabin Crews

No "C.A.R.s and F.A.A. level, self-defense" comes close to the effectiveness this Fairbairn based "Flight and Cabin Crew Self-defense and Passenger Restraint course", delivered by instructors, with extensive experience with the disadvantages and advantages, unique to commercial aircraft interiors, equipment, and "public image".

Fairbairn Method Executive Self-Protection

This W.E. Fairbairn based, executive self-protection course specializes in single person self-protection security. By addressing the three crucial components of preemptive situational awareness, threat avoidance, and physical self-defense this course bridges the gap between personal self-defense and actively employing executive protection. An elite choice for executives and travelling personnel.

Basic Fairbairn Gutter Fighting

If you are looking to offer a complete method of self-defense to your civilian clientele,  your Law Enforcement Staff,  Security Group, or Military Personnel, W.E. Fairbairn's Gutter Fighting is it. Hands to feet, sticks to knives, self-defense instruction doesn't get any better than this. For professionals, it can deliver survival and bring you home, when control & restraint fail, or when firearms are not an option.

Light, Wind & Motion Self-defense – Live course

Course number: 20200035, Duration:2-8 hours - Based on Fairbairn Protocol's hot selling Level II Textbook "Light, Wind & motion" this duration variable, "Live" version,  provides HANDS-ON TRAINING in the superb Fairbairn based "Light, Wind & Motion" method of self-defense". 

One Mind any Weapon

Taught with the distinct Fairbairn twist; this weapons course employs the knife fighting and stick fighting methods of William Ewart Fairbairn's Get Tough / All in Fighting manuals as a functional core to develop expertise in the concept that "One well trained mind, can turn everyday items into expedient highly effective weapons".

Fairbairn Method Fit and Form

This course, emphasizes the critical "Fit and Form" methodology that directs the movements within Fairbairn's Gutter Fighting Methods. The course provides detailed introduction to the concept of Passive-defense, how methods "Fit and Form" together to creates a specific  "flow" in opportunity . Together these explore the concept of "Success under Failure".

Overwatch International Pro I Remote-learning

The first module of  the Pro Series,  Pro I uses the same core curriculum as Solo I, but addresses a professional's operational format. Each module provides 150 minutes of video review, and qualifies for *optional "no cost" onsite events.

Overwatch International Solo I Remote-training

Fairbairn Protocol's "Overwatch International Solo I remote-learning module", has been designed for the specific mission of providing every day people with expert instruction in W.E. Fairbairn's remarkable fighting methods. Solo I modules, come with 3 hours of personalized video review.

Overwatch International Pro II Remote-learning

Overwatch International Pro II Remote-learning, is the second of four Pro Series modules. Pro II, retains the same curriculum as Overwatch International's Pro I Remote-learning module, but  provides six hours of video review, and qualifies for the *optional "no cost" onsite event.

Overwatch International Pro III Remote-training

Overwatch International Pro III Remote-learning modules, are standard Pro I Remote-learning modules, that come with ten hours of video review, and have undergone a Client driven, Minor Customization in order to meet the needs of a specific Customer.