Fairbairn Method Executive Self-Protection


This W.E. Fairbairn based, executive self-protection course specializes in single person self-protection security. By addressing the three crucial components of preemptive situational awareness, threat avoidance, and physical self-defense this course bridges the gap between personal self-defense and actively employing executive protection. An elite choice for executives and travelling personnel.


>Course number: 20200045      Duration: 8 hours

This 8-hour W.E. Fairbairn based executive self-protection course specializes in single person executive self-protection and personal security, bridging the void between personal self-defense and actively employing executive protection. In addressing this critical area this course provides instruction in three crucial components Executive Self-Protection; preemptive situational awareness, threat deterrence, and physical self-defense skills. The self-defense component delivers a one-two mixture of combat proven, Fairbairn based, empty hands fighting methods, plus the “one mind any weapon” innovation concept. These effective combative skills are reinforced with targeting breakdowns and the development of a combative mindset. Situational awareness, threat prevention, and preparedness skills include instruction in basic risk evaluation, low-level vehicle evasion, situational awareness, detection, deterrence, and avoidance to complete the package.

This course is an excellent choice for upper echelon executives, particularly those who travel globally. The course also provides a valuable asset for anyone who undertakes travel, more so if the travel is international.

Now with full access to this “Specialized” training, you and your key people can train in the legendary Fairbairn methods and benefit from their unparalleled effectiveness.

This “live” product, is only available in Canada. Exceptions available.

This product is compatible with our optional “Remote-training Personal Trainer” module.

Course costs are listed on a per person basis, based on a minimum attendance of 10 persons per course (or financial equivalent).


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