C.A.R.s and F.A.A. level Passenger Restraint and Self-defense Training for Commercial Aviation Flight and Cabin Crews


No “C.A.R.s and F.A.A. level, self-defense” comes close to the effectiveness this Fairbairn based “Flight and Cabin Crew Self-defense and Passenger Restraint course”, delivered by instructors, with extensive experience with the disadvantages and advantages, unique to commercial aircraft interiors, equipment, and “public image”.


Course Number: 20200080   Duration: 8 hours

Bullet-proof your liabilities! We can say with absolute confidence, that no course anywhere, even comes close to the effectiveness that this Fairbairn based “Passenger Restraint and Self-defense Training for Commercial Aviation Flight and Cabin Crews” course provides!!

Not only is this passenger handling course in complete accordance with C.A.R.s and F.A.A. regulations, it is delivered by instructors, who have extensive personal experience dealing with the disadvantages, and advantages, unique to a commercial aircraft’s interior, its constraints, and its on-board equipment, but also with corporate cost restraints and the crucial effects of “public image”.

This Fairbairn based course has been specifically designed to provide the physical skills and understandings required by flight and cabin crew members to successfully execute the new mandatory post 911 air regulations regarding “interference with a crew member”. All training is conducted in Accordance with C.A.R.s Division XI Section 705.173 & 705.175 and other international equivalents. To enable all crew members to successfully address all levels of interference, regardless of gender, size, strength, or expertise, the course provides detailed training to effect “single person and coordinated multi-person” interventions. The “control, restrain, and self-defense skill-set” includes primary functions like visual detection, de-escalation, physical release techniques, basic holds, and restraints, finishing with improvisation and fast and effective confined-space self-defense combative skills”.

This course is currently only available in Canada. Exceptions are available. Course are costed on a per person basis, with a minimum of 10 attendees.

This product is compatible with our optional “Remote-training Personal Trainer” module.


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