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Design your own Self-Defense Program

The lies!

It can be said that Method A versus Method B is the best self defense, and that would be a lie. It could be said that Method C is better than Method D because it can be used everywhere and anywhere, and that would be a lie if the recipient required specialized mission specific skills. In like manner it could be said that Method E is superior to Method F due to it being very quick to learn, and again this would be a lie is the recipient has a great amount of time during which they may acquire their necessary skills.

These type of trade-off comparisons can go on forever, as personal variables, individual needs, specific utilizations are also infinite by the very nature of being individual specific.

A self-defense focused woman who turns to Brazilian Ju-Juitsu with the intention of gaining expertise needs to understand that she will come face to face with several realities.

Brazilian Ju-Juitsu in its current form can be a formidable method of self defense, this is of no doubt. Anyone whole-scale contesting this point would be a liar.

However here intervenes the complications of individual specific need.

To remain neutral and objective I quote the Jiujitsu Brotherhood Organization, "The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Belt System is a far stricter than in most other martial arts. It can take upwards of 10 years to achieve the black belt". Some will debate this and that's fine. Brazilian Ju-Juitsu is very heavily ground focused therefore fantastic for her ground game but extremely poor in its attention to threat detection, deterrence, and de-escalation. Deficits will also likely exist in the attention dedicated to understanding predator/victim mindset. This ground game focus will also become detrimental if not taught with the understanding of multiple opponents, weapons, and environment. A ground game is terrible when performed in a foot of water. Other contingents such as a competitive mindset leading to the use of fair play, not mutilating non-lethal applications of technique can equally debilitating in the arena of reality self-defense. The United States Army has discovered this in theater and has since moved to modify its Combatives program to address these discrepancies.

By no means do I disrespect Brazilian Ju-Juitsu. Nor do I wish it discount its viability as being street-worthy in its own right. But it have very clear limitations. Limitations that can get you outright killed or worse.

Well guess what?!

There is an extreme few who are not in some way subject to debilitating limitations when placed on the scales of individual specific need!

So what do you do?

First understand that that almost anything you see in the media is misrepresented, falsified for grander and spectacle.

Once you have recognized that now come to grips with the fact that a surprisingly large percentage of schools, dojos, ect, will outright lie to you, misrepresent facts, or avoid specific information when it come to hooking you in as a student.

Now you with clearer vision you are ready o analyse your individual specific needs. Prepare unless you truthfully reflect upon your own self, your abilities in body and mind, your actual threat environment, and then become familiar with the specific crime ratios and stats of your area of concern within your geographical location, you will probably misjudge your individual specific training needs.

Ok now you got your starting point clear and solid in your mind. What's next?

Research. Research the methods that address your needs. Library, internet, Youtube, blogs by authorities, self defense magazines. All of these will expose you to potential sources. They will also exhibit them to you for your evaluation. Most importantly they will help you create a list of potential methods and another list of where to find those methods taught in your area.

Now test the fire. Go from school to school with your list of pre-prepare questions. Prep-prepared so that you remain concise and consistent. This way you don't forget any questions, and it's easy to cross reference the answers you collect. Cross off any that will not answers clearly or will not allow you to try or at least watch a class. Next watch or try a class at every place that interested you.

Designing your own program is the next step. Don't worry it is EASY!

It may be as easy as choosing one specific school. Or you may choose to train a little bit at various schools. Keep in mind that it is very often said that three months of any method can give you an understanding of their basic easiest to use methods. The length of time you would dedicate to all or any training will of course be part of your program design. Everything can be adjusted as you go, or as you feel.

Here; Not so much as a specific suggestion but more as a workable example;...

You may take a specific self defense course to get the awareness, detection/deterrence and predator mindset, and adrenaline portion. Then you might take a basic boxing course to gain a basic feel for combat and being hit, this can be combined with a little Judo for basic body balance and throws. You might then finish up with a some ground work in basic Ju-Juitsu.

At the end of the day these approach will provide you the best training that you need.