Our instructors



All of our instructors are trained, certified, and supported by Fairbairn Protocol.  We are the only source of authentic Fairbairn Protocol certification or qualification in our systems and methods. Instructor certifications can be course and/or capability specific.

To best address the needs of our clients, and depending on availabilities,  a client may opt to request a specific instructor.

For example, an all-female group may prefer to have a female instructor instructing their "Ladies Only" self-defense course, vice-versa for an all-male class that may request a male instructor, and so forth. Another example would be where the client may have a preference for the teaching style of a particular instructor. In this case, instructor selection is important as the personal style of the instructor contributes to the overall quality of the course.

Our instructors


Barry Drennan

Head instructor, and founder of Fairbairn Protocol

Barry has been involved in the martial arts world for over 40 years. Specializing in Fairbairn method Combatives, he also holds a Black Belt in Karate and has trained in Boxing, Jujutsu, and Krav Maga, plus Non-firing weapons, basic Fairbairn Point Shooting, and the School of Hard Knocks. He has over 4 decades of experience as an instructor, training a spectrum of people, from private citizens, to specialized personnel, such as SRT Teams members, where he specializes in Condition II training which specifically focuses on getting your people home, when Condition I - Control and Restraint situations go bad.

He also authored the Fairbairn Protocol H2H's Textbook Series. The Science of Combatives, Light, Wind & Motion - A study of Short System Combatives, and Light, Wind & Motion - Practitioner's Handbook.




Marc-André Sauvé

Specialized Instructor - Light, Wind & Motion

Marc-André is a certified Fairbairn Protocol H2H Specialized Instructor. A graduate of Police Technology, with prior experience in security, Marc-André has undertaken supplemental training in handcuffing and pressure point applications, the R.I.S.K. System of combatives, and Krav Maga. Currently he is serving with the Canadian Forces Infantry, where he has been involved in executive transport. Marc-André is available for "Light, Wind & Motion" courses.





Cassandra Sauvé

Specialized Instructor - Light, Wind & Motion

Cassandra is a certified Fairbairn Protocol H2H Specialized Instructor. Cassandra is also certified in Fairbairn Point Shooting, has experience in security, and is undertaking training in Police Technology and boxing. Currently she is serving with the Canadian Forces Royal 22nd Regiment "Vandoos" (RC), where she serves as a Section Leader. Cassandra is available for "Light, Wind & Motion" courses.