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Fairbairn Protocol Self-defense Systems

Our systems utilize the lost methods of William Ewart Fairbairn, the legendary "Father of Modern Combatives".  In the world of modern complex self-protection, the guarantee of simple and effective stands unique




In 1907, William Ewart Fairbairn pressed his first footprint into stained soils of Shanghai, China.

By 1940, using dynamic innovation and his unique fighting methods, he had defeated the wizardry of Oriental Martial Arts, ripped the city of Shanghai out from the clutches of the notorious Green-gang and other Chinese Triads, and personally spearheaded the taming of the most dangerous city in the world.

In 1940, Churchill's call to "Set Europe ablaze" returned him to England. There he armed the Commandoes, Resistance Fighters, and Secret agents with his elite Gutter Fighting method.

By 1945, his fighting methods rained fear upon the martial might of Hitler's Nazis, Italy's Fascists, and Japan's Imperial forces.

In 1951, he went to Cyprus, hen in 1952 to Singapore. Far from the public eye, his perfected methods slipped away. Lost in the training of elite forces and under the sands of time, his methods occasionally surfaced. To the outside world, these legendary methods were lost.

After decades lost, these methods are again available. Revived by the research of Barry Drennan and others like him, these amazing lost methods are once again yours to possess.


What are the Fairbairn Protocol Systems?

Table of Contents

  1. How we created our Civilian methods
  2. Fairbairn Protocol's Civilian Approach - Video
  3. The FP Combative Core
  4. A Testament to Perfection
  5. Simplicity
  6. One-Sixteenth of an Inch - Video
  7. Standard Operating Procedures
  8. FP's Specialized Instructional Methods
  9. Taking off the Leash - Video
  10. Safe Training
  11. End Results
  12. Is Fairbairn Protocol Training for You?
  13. Overwatch International Remote-Training
  14. For Military and Law Enforcement Applications

How we created out Civilian methods

Fairbairn Protocol Systems, (FPS's), use Fairbairn's original Gutter Fighting methods. These were then linked to a customized set of military-style standard operating procedures (S.O.P.s), and bodyguarding techniques.

Our methods eclipse all martial-art "mixed-bag-of-tricks" approaches. Contrary to these, our methods are built on fluid movement, gross-motor skills, and a sound tactical base driven by a specialized psychological. Our methods are complete stand-alone systems.

We deliver three pillars of effective self-defense;

  1. Situational awareness skills for detection and prevention
  2. Transition skills to control non-violence to violence phase, 
  3. Combative skills that can dominate a violent encounter.

Where others organizations teach martial arts with a side-order of self -defense, we teach only self-defense.

Fairbairn Protocol's Civilian Approach

The FPS Combative Core - The Legendary Fairbairn Method

At the FPS's combative core lies a set of Gutter Fighting skills of William Ewart Fairbairn. Each technique taught in its purest form. Every technique meets Fairbairn's strict protocols of easy and effective.

Mastering these lost methods will make you an expert in the most proven fighting system ever documented in a global field of modern war!

A Testament to Perfection -  The Fairbairn Method

* The following testament is an excerpt is from "The Legend of W.E. Fairbairn Gentleman & Warrior" - by Peter Robins, Nicholas Tyler, and Paul R Childs.

In 1926/31 Fairbairn covered just a few more techniques in each category but without a doubt, one can see that his earlier syllabus formed the basis for what was to follow. Looking at the 1915 manual, and his later works right up to and including his last manual on the subject for the Cyprus Police in 1956 ("Unarmed Combat ~ December 1956), it is clear that he found out early on what was effective and practical. This clearly led him to see no reason to change, not for change's sake as is common today. For many people, this lack of modification seems to show a lack of progress.

But consider this; "Might constant change and adaptation show that one is not so confident in one's system as first perceived"?"

* FP note: This rare level of perfection, is one of the many reasons FP has abandoned all other methods in pursuit of teaching only Fairbairn's methods. In doing so, we teach them in their preserved original and unmodified form. 


FPS side-steps complexity and epitomizes simplicity. By avoiding the trap of trying to master complicated techniques we strip self-defense down to its bare essentials. This accelerates your learning and entrenches of a higher level of expertise with real skills.

We immediately introduce weapons to develop an ingrained comfort with their use. This simple progression allows fosters a superior confidence, a deeper "One mind, any weapon" mindset, and the unique ability to innovate improvise and overcome. These is a state of learning where you do not become the system, the system becomes you.

One-Sixteenth of an Inch

Standard Operating Procedures

By integrating essential elements of  S.O.P.s we enable you to preemptively detect potential threats, conduct deterrence strategies, initiate preparedness and precautions, and if required the situational control necessary to respond physically and effectively.

FPS's Specialized Instructional Methods

Our specialized teaching methods systematically develop confidence through appropriate aggressiveness and technical expertise.

Learning is delivered with a core understanding of anatomical, physiological, and psychological information.

Technical expertise is matched with each student's learned behavior mechanisms and adaptation, cementing their capability. Where applicable we use varied degrees of "force on force" drills to further temper these skills. In this manner our training fosters a rapid integration and the confidence to succeed.

Taking off the leash

Training Safe

Every FPS course is run under the guidance of safety concepts such as "Train safe - train long" and "Never let your enthusiasm exceed your skill", training safely is the order of the day and the key to effective training.

End Results

The completion of an FPS course is hallmarked by a rock-solid repertoire of subject-specific knowledge, and a formidable set of hyper-effective skills, which fosters a winner’s mindset and a maximized confidence to overcome.

Is Fairbairn Protocol Training for You?

If you seek the best, then FPS are your portal to expertise!



What Makes Fairbairn Protocol Systems so special?


Fairbairn Protocol Courses are specialized Systems

As is often the case, many training organizations attempt to achieve a lucrative balance of curriculum incorporating cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and self-defense. In doing so modern systems and martial arts often neglect to prepare the trainee to recognize the true face of violence, leaving them open to distraction, diversion, and assault.

Multiple studies have proven that aggressors are at their most dangerous when aided by tools such as the element of surprise, false presentation, and distraction. They use these tools to shut down your defensive skills and entrench their control. Driven by their intense focus on technique alone, systems like oriental martial arts, Krav Maga, and others, commonly fail to address these facts.

FP self-defense system's three-step approach of situational awareness, transition control, and combative skills to keep you in control, allow you to overcome an unavoidable situation, before your controls are lost.


Access and Professionalism

Fairbairn Protocol excels in access and professionalism! Whether it is by our "annual scheduled courses' in the Montreal area, or our "live onsite programs" that you request, or by our one-of-a kind "Overwatch International Remote-training Program" that reaches out across the globe, Fairbairn Protocol makes accessibility and professionalism a major priority!


Overwatch International Remote-training

Overwatch International's Remote-learning and Remote Personal Trainer programs", have been specifically designed to meet the mission of delivering expert long-distance instruction in the remarkable fighting methods of the "Light, Wind & Motion" method of self-defense, and W.E. Fairbairn's Gutter- Fighting.

Accessible by professionals and private citizens across the globe, Overwatch International's Solo I and Pro I - IV series, offer a superior remote-learning platform, capable of departing levels of expertise unattainable by video or print media alone.


Fairbairn Protocol Courses are professional, efficient, and highly effective

Common martial arts and martial art based self-defense training routinely demand a large "time and cost" investment. For the student, the return on this investment is being "Not bad" at a multitude of techniques if conducted in a classroom setting. This pattern of long-term "pay and play" condemns the trainee to a drawn-out learning curve and delays their actual ability to defend themselves.

FPS's gold standard of using a minimum number of techniques to overcome a maximum number of situations concentrates your efforts into a rapid achievement of readiness, an actual ability to defend oneself,  with a minimum investment in training time.

FP's theoretical programs offer a clear advantage as a supplementary option to expand on your abilities and further hone your edge.


Fairbairn Protocol's Fighting Methods are Battle Proven in Modern War

We are proud to be able to say that the real proof of FPS's combative effectiveness was not determined by its success under game rules, appeased political correctness, and fostering fantasy. Nor was it by relic testimonies of some whole scale application that was valid 2000-years ago. Further FPS teach logical methods born in the experiences of modern war, underground resistance, and espionage. Methods which meet their first test of fire in the streets of early 1900's Shanghai, then again on the battlefields and shadow wars of World War II and today are still proving their worth in military and police applications across the globe.

With its roots in these documented areas of success, FPS's specializes in effective survival.

These are some of the reasons why Fairbairn Protocol will earn your respect

If you understand the blunt truth that when deterrence and negotiation just have not worked, there is no other way to overcome violence than the use of combative skills designed solely for the purpose of self-defense. In this arena, FPS can save your life!

In short, when it comes to surviving violence Fairbairn Protocol runs at the head of the pack of.


For Military or Law Enforcement Applications

Currently we would like to focus your attention to our Feed the Dog program.

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