Fairbairn Style Dirty Boxing


This Fairbairn “style” self-defense course is ideal for those people seeking a milder form of self-defense. Drawing its primary content from the world of boxing providing instruction in boxing’s basic movements, and common punch variations of jabs, straights, hooks, and uppercuts, and then slips directly into the effective dirty methods associated with the sport.


Course number: 20180045   Duration: 8 hours

This Fairbairn “‘style” dirty boxing course, teaches self-defense using a Fairbairn approach, and “Dirty Techniques” such as dirty targets, the base of the fist, knuckle punches, elbows slips, inside forearm strikes, thumbing, head-rubs, and head-butts.  The course finishes off with an introduction to unseen under-the-belt techniques such as accidental knees, low-level kicks, and shin-scrapes. This dynamic course is designed to meet the self-defense needs of those people whose daily environment frowns on harsher methods.

This course is currently only available in Canada. Exceptions are available. Course are costed on a per person basis, with a minimum of 10 attendees.

This course is compatible with our optional “Remote-training Personal Trainer” module.


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