Introductions, Evaluations, Reviews, and Type-trials


Available in “Costed” and “Cost-Free” formats, this product allows a qualified client to select a Product Introduction, Evaluation, Review, or a type-trial. Examples of “Cost-Free” on-site events, would be large groups seeking to develop one-time, or long-term training programs, or remote-learning such as “Overwatch International”


Course number: 20200040    Duration and Cost: Event dependent

Here a qualifying client can choose from onsite Product Introductions, Evaluations, Reviews, and Type-trials.  Events can be customized to foster preferred focuses and outcomes. These live onsite events are available in “Costed” and “Cost-Free” formats.

Whereas most events are “Costed”, in certain cases, they are “Cost-Free”.

Examples of “Cost-Free” events, would be Canadian groups engaging Fairbairn Protocol in projects such as the delivery of a large scale, one-time, training program, or those instituting a long-term training / recurrent training program. For international groups, it would be those engaging Fairbairn Protocol in a remote-learning program, such as “Overwatch International”.

Under circumstances such as these, the client organization would qualify to benefit a optional “Cost-Free” onsite event. For example, Clients may desire an “Introduction” of the program, or they may want to establish a milestone via an onsite Evaluation or Review. In other cases they may wish to assess their current state, their capabilities potential, or to determine the functionality of a self-directed “in-house” training program.

Introductions, Evaluations, Reviews, and Type-trials, costs are TBD and event dependent.

*Although Fairbairn Protocol’s participation in all optional events comes at “no cost“, Purchasers assume responsibility for facilities, equipment, all associated logistics and related expenses, and event related liabilities.


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