Overwatch Remote Personal Trainer


Overwatch’s Online Trainers personalize your training experience by reviewing video that you upload, and offering¬†detailed clarifications, expert guidance, and pertinent verification of your skill development.


Course number: 2020100   Duration: 1 hour

Fairbairn Protocol’s “Overwatch Remote Personal Trainer’s” private online relationship allows you to personalize your training by uploading videos that highlight your specific areas of concern. You will be able to request pertinent verification of your skill development, obtain detailed clarifications, and benefit from experienced guidance.

Now with Fairbairn Protocol’s “Overwatch Remote Personal Trainer” modules, anyone anywhere, can benefit from Fairbairn Protocol’s “personalized one to one” instruction.

Every “Overwatch Remote Personal Trainer” module, is one hour of video review, supported by your private “Remote Personal Trainer”.

By the use of video-transfer, video frame timing, still image capture, and email, your private “Remote Personal Trainer” will be able to reply to your requests with accurate technical feedback, giving you to means to fine-tune your technique, and efficiently accelerate your learning.

For your security, Overwatch’s access to your videos will be controlled 100% by you alone. Protected within this “safe agreement”, our Clients can feel secure in the quality of their support, and in the knowledge that all of their private uploads, the responding feedback, as well as their legal privacy/viewing rights will remain within their personal control at all times.

This product is available internationally, and can be purchased separate to other Overwatch International products.

Please contact us, Fairbairn Protocol, prior to purchase.


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