Overwatch Remote-training Personal Trainer modules


Sharpen your personal training with “Overwatch Remote-training Personal-Trainer module. Every module enables you to submit 60 minutes of your personal training videos for review by a dedicated Overwatch Remote-training Personal Trainer.


Course number: 2020100   Duration: 90 days

The purchase of an “Overwatch Remote-training Personal Trainer module enables you to optimize your personal training by uploading 60 minutes video for review by taking advantage of your own dedicated Overwatch Personal Trainer.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – The key to Overwatch International’s superior training is a “One-on-One” relationship that rivals live training. For clarity and the best experience, please contact Fairbairn Protocol via “contact us” , PRIOR to purchasing your Remote-training Personal Trainer module.

Every “Overwatch Remote-training Personal Trainer” module, comes with 60 minutes of video review and 90 day term of contract during which you have direct access to a dedicated Remote-training Personal Trainer.

By uploading video selected video clips of your personal training to your own private YouTube channel, you will be able to obtain pertinent verification of your skill development, highlight specific areas of concern, obtain detailed clarifications, and benefit from their experience and one-on-one personalized coaching.

Purchases of Overwatch Remote-training Personal Trainer modules can be used to supplement your personal training or to extend the contractual review allotments for a previously purchased Solo I or Pro Series module.

For your security, Overwatch’s access to your videos will be controlled 100% by you alone. Protected within this “safe agreement”, our Clients can feel secure in the quality of their support, and in the knowledge that all of their private uploads, the responding feedback, as well as their legal privacy/viewing rights will remain within their personal control at all times.

This product is available internationally, and can be purchased separate to other Overwatch International products.


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