The Science of Combatives Textbook


This is Fairbairn Protocol’s must read Level I Textbook.  As a study of science behind effective combat, it highlights the principles and fundamentals of combat, true rules of engagement, anatomical leverage, the link between physiology and psychology, reflex and adrenaline, the mechanics of ballistic movement, maximizing injuries, bleed-out charts and more.


Many of the world’s best martial arts and combative systems master physical technique but ignore combative strategy, psychology, and physiology, etc. Understandings crucial to dominance in a violent conflict. Only a rare few, master bringing it all to an elite level of proficiency.

This “must read” book is the isolation of the most scientific and workable fight oriented information possible. It is the end result of literally hundreds of hours spent in libraries, detailed correlations, cross-references, and comparisons of data. Every piece has been further verified by interviews with medical specialists and subject experts of all types, including actual human dissections.

In accordance with “crucial but simple”, every essential of combat has been isolated, boiled down to its essence, and clearly identified.

This book, a study of practical scientific combat training and enhancement covers insights such as,

The Principles and Fundamentals of Combat
True Rules of Engagement
Understanding the Ambush Fighter
Understanding Anatomical Leverage
The link between physiology and psychology
Understanding the Processes of Reflex and Adrenaline
The Development of Science-Based Training and Guidelines
Speed versus Accuracy Trade-offs
The Mechanics of Ballistic Movement
The Physical injuries and effects listings for Impact Type Assaults against the 20 Primary Anatomical Targets
Bleed Out charts for the 8 Primary Anatomical Targets For Stabbing or Laceration Type Assaults
And more.



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