Combat Physiology for Targeting, Injury, and Effect


From the perspective of armed and unarmed combat, this rare and highly specialized course, instills a detailed understanding of how to effectively target the human body. This deeper comprehension of target-related issues, fosters an offensive and defensive capability that can be directly exploited by any non-firing or edged/stabbing weapon.


Course number: 20200110   Duration: 4 hours – Event dependant

The focus of this rare and highly specialized course provides a detailed understanding of how to effectively target the human body, from the perspective of armed and unarmed combat.

To foster a deeper comprehension of target-related issues and therefore a greater offensive and defensive usability, the course detail the specific effects of injury to both “empty-handed targets” and “stab and laceration targets”. This data can then be extrapolated directly any non-firing blunt or edged/stabbing weapon.

As concrete data, this information can be used to enhance the concepts of “effective attack”, “one mind, any weapon”, and the “innovate and overcome” mindsets. In all cases, the explanation names the target, describes the nature and manner or the attack, details the injury, and then outlines the variables associated to the injury in terms of what we can expect as a minimum or greater result.

This course also provides a crucial understanding of topics such as variations in primary targeting strategies, Speed versus accuracy trade-offs, Adrenaline effect, and Soft tissue variations.

The course is only available in Canada. Exceptions are available. Based on a standard per person cost, the cost of this course is event dependent, with a ten person minimum.


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