“Light, Wind & Motion” – W.E.Fairbairn Based Gutter Fighting Self-defense – Instructional Video


Self-defense training that fits in your pocket. Train anywhere, with unlimited downloads and direct streaming. This two-part instructional video, offers clear and concise visual self-defense instruction in “Light, Wind & Motion”, a William Ewart Fairbairn based, method of self-defense.


Self-defense training that fits in your pocket! Train anywhere with one year of unlimited downloads. Create an account, and expand your video access with Direct Streaming.

This two-part instructional video is based on Fairbairn Protocol’s “Light, Wind & Motion” Level II Textbook, “Light, Wind & Motion”. It offers clear and concise visual instruction in this William Ewart Fairbairn based method of self-defense.

This full-length video has also been engineered to work alone or in coordination with our Level II Textbook “Light, Wind & Motion”. In is further enhanced by our Level I Textbook “The Science of Combatives”. Together, these three pillars form the trident of our Fairbairn based “Light, Wind & Motion” instructional suite.

“Light, Wind & Motion” draws its intense battle proven power from the legendary works of William Ewart Fairbairn’s WWII “Get Tough” and “Gutter Fighting” methods.

From Mindset, to method of execution, to individual technique, this system bears every hallmarks of these highly effective fighting methods. Due to their legendary effectiveness every element of Fairbairn’s methods used in “Light, Wind & Motion” is taught in its original form.

As a method where “Light” represents the ability to see, “Wind” the ability to breathe, and Motion the ability to move about, “Light, Wind & Motion’s” offers a compact set of highly variable techniques that enable you to temporarily or permanently disabling of one or more of these three crucial functions.

Detailed targeting information gives every attack the ability to hamper, incapacitate, or severely cripple your attacker rendering them physical incapable of continuing the fight.

Without pause or disruption to flow or momentum, “Light, Wind & Motion” effortlessly shifts from long range kicks and strikes to short range grabs, to knees, shin kicks, scrapes, and stomps. Its offensive repertoire is complete with chin-jabs, edge-of-hand blows, ear slaps, and more. one disassociated technique to another giving the fighter the ability to launch impulsive attacks designed to cripple targets of opportunity as they become available. 

The practical nature of “Light, Wind & Motion” eliminates a dependence on conditioning, strength, or speed. In fact, any man or woman, of reasonable age and health can perform these methods to great effect, anywhere, any time.

“Light, Wind & Motion” is deceivingly simple. Its skills and objectives are nothing short of outstanding. Clear, practical, quick to learn, it is the ideal self-defense method for remote video training, making quality training accessible anywhere any time on your favorite mobile device or pc.

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