Overwatch International Pro I Remote-learning


The first module of  the Pro Series,  Pro I uses the same core curriculum as Solo I, but addresses a professional’s operational format. Each module provides 150 minutes of video review, and qualifies for *optional “no cost” onsite events.


>Course Number: 20201003 Duration 90 days


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The Overwatch International Pro I Remote-learning module, is the first module of four Pro Series modules. Pro I, retains the same core curriculum as Overwatch International’s Solo I Remote-learning module, but addresses a professional’s operational format. Each module of this course, provides 150 minutes of video review, and qualifies for our *optional “no cost” onsite events.

Fairbairn Protocol’s “Overwatch International Pro I series”, has been designed for the specific mission of providing professionals with expert instruction in W.E. Fairbairn’s remarkable fighting methods. To do this, the Overwatch program uses the self-defense platform of “Light, Wind & Motion”, to offer the unique experience of learning Fairbairn’s Gutter Fighting methods as a system and in their original form.

The Overwatch International Pro series is a superior remote-learning platform, capable of departing levels of expertise unattainable via standard video or print formats. 

To foster individual expertise, Overwatch International Pro modules are available in standard or expanded versions. Overwatch International’s unique video-based, personalized, professional reviews rival face to face instruction. Additional review hours are purchasable, on demand, via our “Remote-Learning Personal Trainer” module.

Costed on a “one person per standard module” basis, and set to a standardized 90-day term, the Overwatch International Pro series Remote-leaning modules make complicated “individualized” training, scheduling, and manpower placement, a thing of the past.

  • Optional “No cost” onsite events; are available with single purchases of 10 or more Pro Series modules, and separately contracted.
  • Purchasers assume responsibility for facilities, equipment, all associated logistics and related expenses, and event related liabilities.
  • Paper-back B&W Edition or Premium Full Color Edition textbooks are available at extra cost.

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