Overwatch International Pro I Remote-training – Effective training in W.E.Fairbairn based Self-defense


Geared to Professionals, Pro I, includes 2 textbooks, an instructional video, and 60 minutes of personal reviews. Our unique video-based, personalized, professional reviews rival face to face instruction. Plus, every Pro Series Module qualifies for our *optional “no cost” onsite events.


>Course Number: 20201003 Video Review Term-of-Contract: 90 days

Pro I is an elite Remote-training platform geared to Professionals. Based on a proven core of expert instruction in the legendary fighting methods of W.E. Fairbairn and supported by personalized video reviews, every module addresses the unique needs of each individual client. *Currently only available for PC users. Soon to be available for Apple products.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – The key to Overwatch International’s superior training is a “One-on-One” relationship that rivals live training. For clarity and the best experience, please contact Fairbairn Protocol via “contact us” , PRIOR to purchasing your Pro I module.

To accomplish this goal, your Pro I module will provide you with,

  • One year of unlimited downloads of our level I textbook, The Science of Combatives, in pdf form
  • One year of unlimited downloads of our Updated completely rewritten Second Edition level II textbook, Light, Wind & Motion, in pdf form
  • One year of unlimited downloads of our full-length Light, Wind & Motion instructional video
  • One year of Direct Streaming by signing-up with “Your Account”.
  • A 30-day grace period to familiarize yourself with the course materials
  • 60 minutes of personalized video review, performed by a Personal Trainer assigned to you
  • A dedicated, one-on-one Remote-training Personal Trainer
  • An expandable 90-day term-of-contract, during which you can submit video clips your personal training for review.

In addition, Pro I uses the Fairbairn based self-defense method of Light, Wind & Motion”, as an instructional model to teach Fairbairn’s methods in their original form, and in use as an integrated system.

Plus, Pro I modules can be expanded by purchasing extra hourly video-review allotments via our “Remote-training Personal Trainer” module, or by negotiating a bundled package with the initial purchase.

Costed on a “one person” basis, Pro I is a cost-effective training investment, and a sound answer to the complications of providing efficient training while still maintaining effective operational manpower allotments.

Take the time to talk to us. Let us help you achieve your objectives.

  • Optional “No Instructor fee ” onsite events; are available with same-person/organization purchases of 10 or more Pro Series modules.
  • Purchasers assume responsibility for all expenses related to logistics, facilities, equipment, and event related liabilities.
  • Standard B&W or Premium Full Color paper-back edition textbooks are available at extra cost.


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