Overwatch International Pro II Remote-training – Effective training in W.E.Fairbairn based Self-defense


Overwatch International Pro II Remote-learning, is the second of four Pro Series modules. Pro II, retains the same curriculum as Overwatch International’s Pro I Remote-learning module, but  provides 120 minutes of video review, and qualifies for the *optional “no cost” onsite event.


>Course Number: 20201005 Video Review Term-of-Contract: 90 days

Pro II is an elite Remote-training platform geared to Professionals. Based on a proven core of expert instruction in the legendary fighting methods of W.E. Fairbairn and supported by an enhanced personalized video review allotment, every module addresses the unique needs of each individual client. *Currently only available for PC users. Soon to be available for Apple products.

To accomplish this goal, your Pro II module will provide you with, 

  • One year of unlimited downloads of our level I textbook, The Science of Combatives, in pdf form
  • One year of unlimited downloads of our Updated completer rewritten Second Edition level II textbook, Light, Wind & Motion, in pdf form
  • One year of unlimited downloads of our full-length Light, Wind & Motion instructional video
  • One year of Direct Streaming by signing-up with “Your Account”.
  • A 30-day grace period to familiarize yourself with the course materials
  • 120 minutes of personalized video review, performed by a Personal Trainer assigned to you
  • A dedicated, one-on-one Remote-training Personal Trainer
  • An expandable 90-day term-of-contract, during which you can submit video clips your personal training for review.

In addition, Pro II uses the Fairbairn based self-defense method of Light, Wind & Motion”, as an instructional model to teach Fairbairn’s methods in their original form, and in use as an integrated system.

Plus, Pro II modules can be expanded by purchasing extra hourly video-review allotments via our “Remote-training Personal Trainer” module, or by negotiating a bundled package with the initial purchase.

Costed on a “one person” basis, Pro II is a cost-effective training investment, and a sound answer to the complications of providing efficient training while still maintaining effective operational manpower allotments.

Take the time to talk to us. Let us help you achieve your objectives.

  • Optional “No Instructor fee ” onsite events; are available with same-person/organization purchases of 10 or more Pro Series modules.
  • Purchasers assume responsibility for all expenses related to logistics, facilities, equipment, and event related liabilities.
  • Standard B&W or Premium Full Color paper-back edition textbooks are available at extra cost.


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