Light, Wind & Motion Self-defense – Live course


This duration variable, live version of  the “Light, Wind & Motion” provides “onsite” instruction in this superb method of self-defense. With everyone of Fairbairn’s “Gutter Fighting” techniques taught in its original proven form, this course delivers exceptional efficiency and effectiveness in a short course.


Course number: 20200035     Duration: 2 – 8 hours

This duration variable, “Live” version,  of  the “Light, Wind & Motion” training course provides “onsite” instruction in this superb method of self-defense.  This self-defense method draws heavily from Fairbairn’s devastating “Get Tough” and “Gutter Fighting” systems, and our 32 hour Basic Fairbairn Method to offer a superior Self-defense Course. Due to their exceptional track record, every Fairbairn technique is taught in its original proven form.

In this system, Light represents seeing, Wind represents breathing, and Motion represents the ability to stand and move about, the sole objective of this highly effective focus is to systematically disable one or more of these the crucial functions as opportunity presents them, thereby incapacitating or even completely crippling your opponent’s ability to fight.

“Light, Wind & Motion” employs a concise set of extremely adaptable highly effective techniques. Techniques range from short range low-line kicks, shin-scrapes, and stomps, to knees, various grabs, and simple takedowns, finishing up with chin-jabs, edge-of-hand blows, ear slaps, and more. Practical methods of attack and optimized targeting put a razor’s edge to the system, while psychological understandings and focused mindsets are introduced to hone it.

By requiring neither extreme strength nor great speed any man or woman, of reasonable age and reasonable health can perform these methods to great effect. The “Light, Wind & Motion” method clearly exhibits the functional elements that all such systems should embrace. With little disruption to its internal flow, the method effortless shifts from one random technique to another enhancing the fighter’s ability to attack crippling targets of opportunity as they come available. As a stand-alone fast acquisition self-defense system, this method is outstanding.

This course can be used as either a “stand on its own” self-defense system or to serve as a “live training” component to its companion book also titled “Light, Wind & Motion – A study in Short System Combatives”.  Together they provide a valuable one-two verbal-visual instruction in this exclusive self-defense system.

Now with the availability of “Light, Wind & Motion” training, everyone everywhere can train in the legendary Fairbairn methods and benefit from their unparalleled effectiveness.

Special condensed or application specific courses are available upon request.

This course is currently only available in Canada. Exceptions are available. Course are costed on a per person basis, with a minimum of 10 attendees.

This course is compatible with our optional “Remote-Learning Personal Trainer” module.


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