Basic Fairbairn Gutter Fighting


Using simple, yet effective, W.E. Fairbairn techniques, this course turns the Security-Umbrella (and other common carry objects such as walking sticks and canes) into a powerful addition to anyone’s current self-defense repertoire. As such it is an excellent option for the hiker, physically assisted person, or for any middle-aged plus persons.


Course number: 20200015   Duration: 32 hours

If you are looking for a complete method of self-defense, W.E. Fairbairn’s Gutter Fighting is it. From hands to feet, sticks to knives, strategies to mindsets, self-defense instruction doesn’t get any better than this. As an official or unofficial complement to professionals, it can bridge the gap for when control & restraint proves inadequate, or when firearms are not an option or inaccessible, or as a rapid response solution to critical situation firearm malfunction; this method can deliver survival and bring you home.

This 32-hour course provides instruction entrenched in the extremely rare and effective self-defense methods of the “Father of modern self-defense”; the famous William Ewart Fairbairn. Excellent for beginners and seasoned professionals of all types, this course delivers the methods in Fairbairn’s famous Get Tough and Gutterfighting manuals. It provides detailed instruction in Fairbairn chin-jabs, edge-of-hand blows, tiger claw strikes, basic throws, take-downs, and other methods including all of the strategies, targeting information, and psychologies that drive them.

This Full-spectrum course begins with proven methods of threat detection, deterrence, avoidance, and the predator and combative mindsets. It then provides training crucial to controlling the transition from non-violence to violence. Finally, it closes with its primary focus of fighting unarmed or in combination with non-firing weapons such as knives and sticks, with the addition of the “One Mind Any Weapon” mindset.

As a singular form of self-defense, its simplicity, versatility, and capabilities are outstanding. As a single course giving you this unbeatable set of assets while readying you for all situations, it is unparalleled.

Only with Fairbairn Protocol can you benefit from the documented effectiveness of the legendary Fairbairn methods taught as a stand-alone system of self-defense.

This 4 day course is currently only available in Canada. Exceptions are available. Course are costed on a per person basis, with a minimum of 10 attendees.

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