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William Ewart Fairbairn is without a doubt, the dominant figure in the history of close combat. He was once referred to “as the greatest, of the greatest of them all”. In 1944, on loan to the U.S. Office of Strategic Service, Fairbairn made two remote-learning instructional films. These films demonstrated the many strategic and technical aspects of his Gutter Fighting method of close combat. Sub-titled to train Allied and resistance personnel, these films proved that Gutter Fighting can be taught by remote-learning.

Now with 21st century video and communications, there is no better way to remote-learn Fairbairn's awesome Gutter Fighting methods than with Overwatch International.

Overwatch International’s approach of employing detailed textbooks, private video capture and review, and personalized one-on-one coaching is unmatched.

Choose Overwatch International Remote-learning, and you choose the most effective form of remote Combatives training available today.



To start, when you purchase your Overwatch International module you will receive access to unlimited downloads of two eBooks: “The Science of Combatives” and “Light, Wind & Motion”.

These are your textbooks. Together, they will help you develop a knowledge base with a degree of detail unavailable in the current  standard video format. This difference is extremely important because with the Fairbairn method, as much as 80% of your ability to overcome an adversary is in your head; and that means specialized knowledge!

In addition, this same purchase entitles you to a specified allotment of video review. The volume of this allotment varies according to the type of module purchased.

Every video submission you make is reviewed by your personal Fairbairn Protocol certified Overwatch Remote Personal Trainer.

In contrast to impersonal prerecorded instructional videos that abandon the student with zero chance for corrective guidance; your Personal Trainer stays with you throughout the program, providing professional non-generic support.

The relationship you develop with your personal trainer will provide a level of “one on one” attention that previously was only achievable through high-cost private instruction.

With Overwatch International, you decide what video data you wish to submit. This means you control the content of the video you submit. This control allows you to control your training schedule, isolate your areas of concern, and fine-tune your skills. This empowers you to maximize your gain from the input you receive from your personal trainer, which in turn enables you to optimize the value of your training investment.

When you submit select videos of yourself training, you provide your personal trainer with the key data they need to perform a detailed review your videos, monitor your progress, and provide professional one-on-one coaching and analysis that targets your specific needs. Together, this relationship will accelerate your advancement and ensure that you will grasp these highly effective skills.

For your privacy, all videos remain 100% in your control, both during and after the completion of your program. This allows you to build a private library of personalized training videos that focus specifically on your training. This is most certainly a rare commodity in today’s marketplace of “pump’em out – move ‘em along” video-based remote-training formats.



Overwatch International’s easy 3P Step Approach of "Preparation, Practice, Perfection"


Prepare the foundation

Every Overwatch International module, from the independent Solo I module, to the highly customized modules of Pro III & IV, begin with two textbooks; "The Science of Combatives" and "Light, Wind & Motion". These are Fairbairn Protocol’s level I and II textbooks. These are your training manuals, and your guide. Your training begins with the study of these manuals. Essentially, their job is arming your mind.

The Science of Combatives, is the first textbook. Its job is to provide a functional base understanding of how the body and mind work as a combatant, and in turn, how an opponent’s body can be disabled. This battle-tested information will set the foundation that will optimize your abilities.

The second book, Light, Wind, & Motion guides you to the physic training. Supported by detailed full color high-definition images to best illustrate the text, its job is to provide a clear transmission of the concepts and techniques of the Gutter Fighting method. To do this, it introduces the Fairbairn based self-defense system called "Light, Wind & Motion". Used as a functional model, Light, Wind & Motion reinforces the transmission of method by providing extremely detailed explanations of strategy, tactics, along with precise descriptions of how to effectively perform them. Then, by physically working through the skills of Light, Wind & Motion you entrench these skills into you muscle memory. As a final phase, the textbook provides clear insight into how to fit the system to your own personal style and approach, or if your so desire, to develop an entirely new approach entirely your own.

Together these two textbooks are the backbone of the course, and their instruction will initiate and support your physical training.


Quick tip #1 Start with the destination in mind.

As you read through the textbooks and start putting together a mental picture of the various components, enhancements, and techniques, it is important to remember that most of the elements that you encounter singularly, will in actual execution be performed in simultaneous combination with several other elements. For example, your use of range, the mental element of surprise, a particular striking technique, and the physics of how to first generate then transfer force into a body; will all be incorporated into one single movement. It is in this integration of knowledge and method that gives Fairbairn's Gutter Fighting its incredible adaptability and awesome power.


Starting your practice

Unlike martial-art-based methods, where effective remote-learning is strangled by numerous complicated movements, the success of Fairbairn's Gutter Fighting videos proved that a reduced repertoire of simplified techniques made remote-learning a simple and effective way to learn. These unique characteristics have never changed. Fairbairn's Gutter Fighting remains the ideal method for remote-learning. In return, its proven ability to transmit both "mental arming" and "physical skills" means that you will achieve your objective of being able to defend yourself.

To begin, start the physical phase of your training by practicing the movements in the textbook. Practice them in the sequence that they are presented. Progressively work your way through the different techniques by trying them out and double-checking yourself against the textbooks.

Regardless of whether you practice with a group, a partner, or solo, following this route will accelerate your ability to incorporate multiple skills. This is done by slowly adding and mixing-in other techniques. This sequential add-in approach will support your evolution while mixing-in develops your adaptability and innovation.

You will quickly discover that Fairbairn's concepts are extremely easy to adopt. You will be surprised with how little time it takes for you to advance to practicing combined movements, such as those where you easily maneuver about changing angle and range while comfortably executing random sequences of strikes and follow-ups.

At this stage, you will be ready to start perfecting your skills.


Perfecting your skills

At this point in your training, the full value of your video allotment really comes into focus. Your personalized review is the jewel in Overwatch International's unique approach, and the asset that will sharpen your abilities like a razor. This is where you start to record yourself so that you training can be reviewed, and this is where impersonal prerecorded instructional videos fall far behind.

Using the precision focus of video enables you to maximize the benefit available from a Personal Trainer. Sharing your training data in this way, gives them the most efficient way to review and analyze your performance. Your precision enables them to provide you with the "spot-on" feedback and professional coaching that will best advantage your advancement. The result is hours of targeted video that precisely address those areas particular to your concern. If you elect to use the Youtube® format, this same process will automatically create a permanent personal reference library that grows with you.

When making your video, you have the option to segment your video time or to utilize longer time-frames. This flexibility allows you to further control and optimize your video content. Be strategic, whenever advantageous, use segmenting to increase the accuracy of your progress evaluations, or to resolve areas of concern, or to query a your Personal Trainer regarding a particular training issue or technical applications. Using these approaches, you will determine how this unique asset best serves your interests. After all, isn't that what we both want.

For those who wish to extend their time allotment, extra hours are directly purchasable throughout Overwatch International's Remote Personal Trainer program.


For more information on Overwatch International's Remote Personal Trainer Program, click here.

https://h2h-selfdefense.com/product/overwatch-remote-Personal Trainer/


Quick tip #2 Plan your video.

Keep in mind, that for administration purposes, every individual submission of video will be rounded up to the nearest 5-minute mark. For example; should you submit 3 minutes of video, it will use up 5 minutes of your video time allotment. Therefore, it is in your interest to optimize your investment by using your time allotment as wisely as possible. To do this, we suggest that you plan what and how you are going to record. Create your video as if you were the one reviewing it. Along with standard formatting, it is sometimes advantageous to use slow motion enhancement to capture the specifics of a particular movement. On other occasions, it may be best to use short video segments vs longer segments. Whenever you can use surplus time to fit in that extra repetition or that extra technique, or maybe a bit of extra verbal clarification. Optimize the use of your time, and you will maximize your instructional benefit.


Quick tip #3 Plan your email.

As all video will be submitted by email, planning the written content of your email is essential. Please note that all emails should be sent to overwatch@h2h-selfdefense.com . Take the time to ensure that your content is clear and concise, and that it clearly identifies what you need in a response. Quote video time marks to isolate an issue. You can also employ an image capture program such as Greenshot® to create a still image that you can then mark up in order to isolate specifics, then attach a few of these stills to your email. Remember, your Personal Trainer wants to understand your needs, because from their point of view, when all the dust settles, the only thing that allows them to do their best work, is what you give them.


Quick tip #4 Optimize setting up your method of video transfer.

With Overwatch International, you can elect to submit your video in the mp4 format attached to your submission email. However, we prefer to steer you away from this option. However, we highly recommend that you take full advantage of YouTube® by setting up an account with them and then using YouTube’s® “private” video option to send your training video as an URL included in your submission email. By using YouTube®, you gain the instant advantage of a free, secure, video platform that is constantly updating its technology as well as the tools and options that you as a user can take advantage of. In addition, YouTube’s® basic archival format will automatically create a personal and private reference library that you can build and access forever.


How easy is this? Check out this link.




Important Guidelines


Starting your 90-day term of contract:

Once you have purchased your Overwatch International Remote-learning module, you will receive an email from us. This email is our official request for you to confirm by reply the start of your 90-day term of contract. Accordingly, there are certain IMPORTANT criteria you should be aware of.

Commencing on the date of your purchase there is a 15-day period during which you will receive our “request for confirmation” email.

Upon receiving this request, you then have 30 days from the date of your purchase to reply. This 30-day period is intended to provide a grace period during which you can prepare for the start of your 90-day term. Orders that have not been confirmed within their 30-day “period of limitation” will be automatically cancelled and are non-refundable

Once you have replied, your 90-day term contract will become active as of the date we receive your confirmation email.

You will then receive an administrative reply. This reply will contain; your order number and your confirmation number, along with your date of commencement and your date of expiry. We advise that you keep this email as record.

ORDER CANCELLATION: Any order can be cancelled with 15 days of the purchase. Orders cancelled within this 15 day period are refunded in full less the cost any product that has been downloaded. Hard products, if any, are to be returned at the client's expense.

Please note that all emails should be sent or replied to overwatch@h2h-selfdefense.com .


Video submissions policy:

  • Only YouTube® URL (Recommended) and mp4 format videos submissions shall be accepted.
  • Still images attached to video submission emails shall be limited to a maximum of 5 per email.
  • Only videos submitted by email to overwatch@h2h-selfdefense.com shall be accepted.
  • Receipt of valid video submissions shall be confirmed by reply.
  • Only videos received during a valid 90-day term of contract shall be accepted as valid.
  • Regardless of term of contract, all valid videos submissions shall be responded to with 15-days of receipt.
  • Any valid video that for any reason cannot be viewed shall be rejected, a rejection-reply shall be sent.
  • Any video received outside of a valid 90-day term of contract shall be automatically rejected with no reply
  • For administrative purposes, all valid individual submissions shall be rounded-up to the next 5-minute mark.
  • The total time allotment of any one module purchased, shall include an overage grace-period limited to no more than 5% of the total time allotment purchased.
  • The privacy responsibility and liabilities of Fairbairn Protocol, its agents and associates, shall be limited to those as listed within our attached Privacy Statement.


Privacy statement

Client personal information (be it verbal, written, video or photographic) shall be held in privacy notwithstanding its standard use for internal administrative functions and same client operational functions.

Client personal information shall not be sold, bartered, lent, or traded to any third party. Nor shall it be used by or for, in any manner or by any means, by any third party, be they a person, a partner, or an arm's length corporation, without the written permission of said client.

The destruction or deletion or handling of client data is limited to and shall not exceed those of standard office practices and operational processes and procedures.

Any request for specialized handling of  client data that exceeds these stated limitations shall be conducted under written request, mutual agreement, and subsequent written confirmation by both the legal owner(s) of said data and a legal representative(s) of Fairbairn Protocol.


Liability waiver – Injury

By means of confirming the commencement of anyone's term of contract, the purchaser (herein referred to as the client) therein shall accept all the risks, injuries, or others, associated with the various activities, undertakings, and/or instruction, provided by FAIRBAIRN PROTOCOL H2H (herein referred to as the Organization), and hereby releases said ORGANIZATION, it’s directors, administrators, employees, representatives, and instructors, etc. from any liability in the event of injury, accident of any type, or for any other reason. Moreover, the client (and client’s parent or guardian if applicable) certifies having been advised by the ORGANIZATION of the necessity of consulting a medical doctor before undertaking any activity related to the instruction provided by the ORGANIZATION, and declares having seen a medical doctor, or decided not to see one despite the advice received, and moreover, declares to not have any medical or special condition which could affect the client’s performance or of which the ORGANIZATION should be made aware, save as hereinafter stated (if applicable).

By means of confirming the commencement of this term if contract, the client (client’s parent or guardian if applicable), accepts that he or she undertakes remote-learning instruction as provided by your ORGANIZATION, and also accepts the other conditions set out or other present membership form or contractual agreement.

In conclusion, the client authorizes the ORGANIZATION to proceed in accordance with this document.