"Gutter Fighting" is a lost method of armed and empty-handed fighting that is easier to learn than tying your shoes". This lost method literally helped "save the world"! Let us provide you with it's amazing abilities.

Now you can learn fighting methods that most Martial Art schools never never even knew existed!



dedicated to providing superior skills to those who they may best benefit. Civilians included,


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To bring professional level self-protection training to those who need it.

Our Objective:

To expand your current combative capabilities by accelerating your individual self-protective skills.

Make the best training investment you will ever make. Invest a few minutes to discover how dovetailing Fairbairn's methods can add value to your current assets and enhance the "can do" mindset.


ATTENTION Military and Law Enforcement!!

In 2022 – We continue with “Feed the Dog”. With no instructor fees, Our "Feed the Dog" program fast-tracks our ability to provide onsite trainers specialized in integrating W.E. Fairbairn’s battle-proven methods into your current self-protection/combatives profile.

Make the best training investment you will ever make. Invest a few minutes to discover how dovetailing Fairbairn's methods can add value to your current assets and enhance the "can do" mindset.

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Overwatch International Remote training

Overwatch International is Elite level Remote-training in W.E.Fairbairn's battle-proven Gutter Fighting methods. Courses include course textbooks, video instruction, and one-on-one personalized coaching -  Get Course information now



N.A.C.C.2 (North American Combatives Convention II) Multiple Instructors, Multiple Seminars, One Mission! 2-Days of Functional Mayhem!

John Abbott College Casgrain Sports Center Police-Tech Dojo, Saint Anne de Bellevue, Québec, Canada Summer of 2023 (*dates to be announced).


Live Courses and Seminar

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Live Fairbairn Gutter Fighting Self-defense Training in Montréal, Québec, Canada

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Fairbairn Protocol Gutter Fighting Courses


Online-Registration is no open for the 2022 sessions.

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Fairbairn Protocol is currently seeking contacts with self-protection/combatives focused groups who would be interested in receiving effective communications/information regarding upcoming seminars and events. Particularly events such as the North American Combatives Convention which we recent hosted in Montreal, Qc, Canada.

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Learn why this unbelievable "lost method of fighting" is easier to learn, than tying your shoes.

Discover why this lost method, created by William Ewart Fairbairn the grandfather of modern close combat became the most successful method of fighting ever fielded in modern warfare. Dare to discover how its awesome ability can power you to new levels of self-protection that few ever achieve.


Click here for info on Live or Remote-training. Find information-packed courses that deliver the expertise demanded by citizens, military, law enforcement, and commercial aircrews.

When superior physical skills are called for, our exclusive courses meet the challenge head-on with self-defense skills from the legendary fighting methods of William Ewart Fairbairn.



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Looking for in-print guidance? Try our Level I & II textbooks "The Science of Combatives" and "Light, Wind & Motion".

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