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Overwatch International Remote-learning for long-distance training and remote Personal Trainers:  Course information

Live courses and seminars:  Course information

Live Fairbairn based self-defense training in Montréal Québec Canada - 2020-2021 Schedule

Free training for active military, law enforcement, fire & rescue personnel? Questions? - Let's talk!



Learn why Fairbairn Protocol's exclusive self-defense systems and support courses run with the best of the pack.

Discover how our awesome self-protection systems and the most successful fighting method ever fielded in modern warfare can empower you to new levels that few can match.



Live training, or Remote-learning online, our information-packed courses deliver the level of expertise demanded by citizens, military, law enforcement, and commercial aircrews.

Where physical skills are called for, our exclusive courses meet the challenge head-on with self-defense skills from the legendary fighting methods of William Ewart Fairbairn.



Here you can get; Fairbairn Protocol's "The Science of Combatives", and "Light, Wind & Motion", Textbooks, plus Canadian Courses.

Plus Fairbairn Protocol's, one of a kind Overwatch international Remote-Training and Personal Trainer support modulesPlus more, a lot more!


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