OVERWATCH INTERNATIONAL’s “FEED THE DOG” PROGRAM – W.E.Fairbairn based Self-defense training


Overwatch international’s “FEED THE DOG” program enables Military and Law Enforcement Groups to put an expert W.E. Fairbairn based Gutter Fighting Self-defense Instructor on-site at zero cost. 


ATTENTION Military and Law Enforcement!! “FEED THE DOG” is Overwatch International’s exclusive 2021 NO INSTRUCTOR FEES TRAINING PROGRAM.

In direct response to training deficits evolved from Covid 19 and related training restrictions, Fairbairn Protocol “Overwatch International” has created a dedicated “no instructor fee” training program specifically engineered to fit the quick and effective training profile used by Military and Law Enforcement groups.

Our “FEED THE DOG” PROGRAM offers live on-site self-defense training instructed by experts in the Gutter Fighting methods of William Ewart Fairbairn.

We call it “Feed the Dog”, because as the host, all you are responsible for are the logistics etc., related to putting a Fairbairn Protocol instructor on-site for the duration of your requested training.

Completing this zero cost “product purchase” with the provision of your contact information, green-lights us to contact you, so that we may answer all of your concerns and “what ifs”. This contact implies zero obligation on your behalf. So do act now.


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