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Preregister NOW to SAVE 20% off the “at-the -door” admission. N.A.C.C1 Combatives Convention held June 4-5  2022, is an open-to-all, two-day event hosting a schedule of four separate instructors, presenting five different seminars, all related to the  fighting concept known as “Gutter-fighting”. This 20% off offer ends June 2nd.



FIRST NORTH-AMERICAN COMBATIVES CONVENTION JUNE 4-5 2022 Important note: Due to contractual restrictions, all attendees must be able to provide proof of double Covid vaccination.

*ATTENTION!! LAST TO PREREGISTER!! ACT NOW, TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS TIME-LIMITED OFFER TO SAVE 20% 0FF THE $100 cdn ($75.00 usd) “AT THE DOOR” COST OF ADMISSION. PAY $80 cdn INSTEAD OF $100 cdn. PLUS as an early-bird BONUS, every person who preregisters also gets a free “ebook” copy of Barry Drennan’s “The Science of Combatives”.

Dedicated in name to the legendary Combatives instructor William Ewart Fairbairn, the N.A.C.C1 is an open-to-all two day ( four instructors – 6 hours of training per day) Combatives Convention will be held at the John Abbott College, Casgrain Sports Center, 21275 Lakeshore Road, Saint Anne de Bellevue, Québec, Canada H9X3L9. At the door admission, June 4th and 5th, 07h00 – 09h00. Training starts at 09h00. No food is provided.

The convention will host four instructors, each presenting a different seminar. Every seminar will be related to the fighting concept Fairbairn coined as “Gutter-fighting”. Designed to be simple to learn and highly effective, “Gutter Fighting” methods concentrate on the rapid disabling of an opponent. The methods taught during this event are highly adaptable methods and will include the use of unarmed methods plus improvised weapons, sticks and practice-knives. *Standard personal protective equipment is advised but not supplied.

The event’s content is top notch and deliberately sequenced to bring out not only the best of each instructor’s unique presentation, but also to deliver a congruent package of combative capability.


09h00 Saturday morning, the event kicks-off with CRIS ANDERSON presenting “RECONGNIZING PRE-ASSAULT CUES”. From there he slips into a hands-on introduction of “FELDENKRAIS PRACTICAL UNARMED COMBAT”. This methodology, sure to interest the Jujitsu practitioner, is centered around achieving a combat-execution of the infamous REAR-NAKED CHOKE.

Next, BARRY DRENNAN steps up to present “PHYSIOLOGY OPTIMIZED COMBAT”, here he delivers a detailed dissection of anatomical susceptibility and injury, and how to best access them. He then moves to teaching the multiple physiological advantages that every fighter, regardless of method, can use to sharpen their combative-edge.

Then Sunday morning, CHRIS HENNESSEY steps in to deliver “BOOTS TO BLADE BATTLE FIGHTING”; hard-core battle fighting concepts that rough rides a systematic evolution from boots to improved weapons, to sticks, to blades.

Then, for the first time outside of the United States of America, JASON SCHULTZ takes knife-work to another focus as he introduces the prison-based “MEDUSA EDGED WEAPON SYSTEM”; a system that takes edged-weapon efficiency and effectiveness completely into another arena.

Purchase your time-limited 20% off PREREGISTRATION VOUCHER now. Preregistration expires as of June 2nd, 2022. Preregistration fee is $80.00 cdn / $60.00 usd; instead of the Full “At-the-door” price of $100.00 cdn / $75.00 usd. * “At-the-door” admission is available 07h00 – 09h00 June 4, 5, 2022. Sign-up now!! Don’t miss this offer.

* Please note that this time-limited 20% 0ff Preregistration Voucher is

  • Prepaid in full.
  • Valid for the entry of one person only per voucher.
  • Limited to the entry / participation in all N.A.C.C1 seminars and activities.

Validation of Preregistration Vouchers:
All vouchers must be validated by providing the following information (in full) during the ordering process.

  • First name, and Family name
  • Full Billing address
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Presentation of Vouchers and Vaccination Proofs:
Upon arrival to the event the voucher-holder is required to provide the following documents: *Due to current Covid-19 policies all attendees must present personal identification and proof of *vaccination with their attendance voucher.

  • Proof of Preregistration Voucher ( Order no.)
  • Photo identification
  • Proof of full Covid-19 Vaccination – *(1st and 2nd Vaccinations)
  • At the door admission hours: 07h00 – 09h00 June 4th and 5th, 2022
  • Training starts 09h00 June 4th and 5th, 2022

** Contractual restriction strictly prohibits Smoking within all John Abbott-McGill buildings/apartments, or anywhere on the campus grounds.